Sunday is the New Thursday

In TV, the days of the week have a pecking order based on current and historical data.

Friday & Saturday have always sucked. Today they are perfect for catching up on your DVR content. Before DVR’s, Friday was when I accidentally ended up watching America’s Most Wanted or Dateline. And remember TGIF in the 90s with those horrible teeny bopper shows? At least Saturday has SNL, Friday really is the loser of the lineup. (although many moons past it was the home of Dallas…)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have mostly been equal opportunists. Bravo has something for the gays and gals and each of these nights, and the other networks have a gem or two. They are consistent.

Now let’s talk about Thursday. Oh Thursday, you sweet pulsating spot on the TV schedule. What with your Ron Swansons and your Dwight Schrutes. Even back in the day you were host to the classics like Seinfeld. But alas dear Thursday, you have been usurped by the most unlikely of challengers: Sunday.

Sunday: when I used to think of you I would hear the “tick tock” of the 60 minutes intro, the Disney song, and visualize the Amazing Race man with his abnormally large hips. But that has been about it. Now, in large thanks to HBO you are the things that TV lover’s boners are made of.

Sunday, you are a dwarf getting a BJ, you are a hot man smoking cigarettes in his office wearing a tight suit, you are black women over stressing the significance of designer fashion labels. And you are Kenny Powers. Kenny, motherfucking Powers.

Sunday, you are almost too much to handle. I am a television size queen and you fill me up to the point of pain: Sunday, last night you put my DVR to 100% full in 4 hours. That has never happened to this innocent Canadian girl before.

Thank you for last night. I will never forget it.







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