50 Shades of Grey: S&M For Everyone!!

I needed to take a break from the Game of Thrones books- I’m on the 4th “A Feast for Crows”. There are only so many murders and rapes a person can endure- so instead I started a trilogy about a relationship based on S&M.

Honest-to-betsy, I really wasn’t looking for erotica. I was innocently reviewing the top sellers on Kindle and there it was, waving at me like a riding crop in a billionaires perfectly manicured hand. I didn’t buy it then, but the Entertainment Weekly cover story I read the next day made me think, “If it’s on the cover of EW that means it’s ok for me to read.”


Through the first half of the book I read it with my face in a permanent state of shock. All I could think was, “Really? Soccer Moms are being united by a story that features butt plugs and an S&M playroom?” For those of you unfamiliar, the trilogy follows the love affair between a virginal 21-year-old college grad and her 27-year-old-S&M-lovin’-boyfriend.


After the novelty of all of the sex wore off, I started getting annoyed with the writing, the anemic and predictable story and the use of British slang by American characters in a story set in the Pacific Northwest. But for whatever reason, I really want to keep reading it.

This experience has made me wonder how many people are out there reading dirty books?

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